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Last updated on December 7, 2023


➮ On 29th March, 1857 the sepoys at Barrackpore refused to use the greased cartridge.
➮ Mangal Pandey attacked and fired on the Adjutant.
➮ The 34 Native Infantry was disbanded.
➮ Delhi was seized by the rebels on 12th May 1857.



Centre Leaders Time
Officer Who Suppressed the Revolt Date of Suppression
Delhi Bahadur Shah, Bakht Khan 11 May, 57 Nicholson and Hudson 20 Sep., 57
Kanpur Nana Saheb, Tatia Tope 5 June, 57 Colin Campbell Dec., 57
Luckow Hazrat Mahal, Birjis Qadir 4 June, 57 Colin Campbell 31 Mar., 58
Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai, 4 June, 57 Gen. Hugh 17 June,
Gawalior Tatia Tope Rose 1858
Jagdish- Kunwar Singh, 12 June, 57 Major William December,
pur Amar Singh Taylor 1858
Faizabad Maulvi Ahmadullah June 1857 5 June,
Allahabad Liakat Ali June 1857 Col. Neill 1858
Bareilly Khan Bahadur June 1857 Campbell 1858



➮ R.C. Majumdar : Neither first nor National nor War of Independence
➮ V.D. Savarkar : First war of Indian Independence
➮ Sir John Seeley : Wholly unpatriotic and selfish sepoy Mutiny
➮ Joutram and W Taylor : Hindu- Muslim Conspiracy
➮ Hugh Rose : Here lay the woman (Laxmi Bai), who was the only man among the rebels.
➮ T.R. Holmes : Conflict between civilisation and Barbarism.


➮ The revolt remained confined to small part of North India.
➮ lack of resources as compared to those of the British.
➮ The rebel leaders lacked political leadership, military experience and strategic knowledge and limited social base
➮ Sikh, Marathas, Rajputs and some other sections of society supported British Authorities.

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