Civil Disobedience Movement(1930)- indian history

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Civil Disobedience Movement

➮ The civil Disobedience Movement began with Dandi March by Gandhi on 12 March 1930. The breaking of salt laws on 6 April 1930 formally inaugurated the Civil Disobedience Movement.
➮ Salt law is violated in many parts of the country.
➮ The movement reached the extreme North-Western frontier province under the leadership of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.
➮ Surya Sen’s Chittagong Revolt Group carried out a raid on two armories and declared the establishment of a provisional government.
➮ In Sholapur (Maharashtra) Textile workers went on a strike, burnt liquor shops, railway stations, Municipal buildings, and law courts and declared the establishment of parallel government.
➮ In Bihar, chowkidar taxes was refused.
➮ Forest law was breached in the central region of the country.
➮ In Manipur Rani Gaidinliu raised the banner of revolt against foreign rule.

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