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In which one of the following places was Asia’s first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) set up?
(a) Santa Cruz
(b) Kandla
(c) Cochin
(d) Surat
Ans: (b) The Kandla Free Trade Zone, India’s first Export Processing Zone was set up in 1965. Subsequently, six more EPZs were set up at San-ta Cruz (Mumbai), Falta (West Bengal), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Noida (UP), Cochin (Kerala), and Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh).

2. First time in which year the Railway Budget and the General Budget were presented separately?
(a) 1924

(b) 1947
(c) 1952

(d) 1977
Ans: (a) The tradition of a separate Railway budget which was started by the British, dates back in 1924. The decision was passed by a 10-member Acworth Committee which was headed by British economist William Mitchell Acworth.

3. The ruler of which dynasty of South India assumed the title of Dharmaraj?
(a) Wakatak
(b) Pallava
(c) Kadamb
(d) Western Ganga
Ans: (d) Dharmaraj title was adopted by the Western Ganga dynasty. Western Ganga was an important ruling dynasty of ancient Karnataka in India which lasted from about 350 to 1000 CE.

4. Which of the following was a major industry in the Mughal period?
(a) Pearl production
(b) Silk cloth
(c) Cotton cloth
(d) No option is correct.
Ans: (c) Among the industries during Mughal Period, cotton textiles was the most important. There was hardly an important city where cotton cloth was not manufactured although muslins of Dacca, “the shadow of a commodity” were the finest and the best known.

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