First in World PDF Download free

Last updated on December 7, 2023

First in World PDF Download free

The first country to make a Constitution United States of America
The first country to appoint Lokpal Sweden
The first country to ban capital punishment Venezuela
The first country to give the voting right to women New Zealand
The first country to impose a carbon tax New Zealand
First country to start VAT (Value Added Tax) Brazil and Germany
First country to issue plastic currency Australia
First country to issue paper currency China
First country to give constitutional status to animal rights Switzerland
First country to implement family planning India
First country to start Civil Services Competition China
First country to make education compulsory Prussia (Germany)
First country to print books China
First country to sign nuclear agreement with India France
First country to send human to Moon United States of America
First space ship landed on Mars Viking-I 20th August, 1975
First space shuttle launched Columbia
First country to launch satellite into space Russia (former USSR)
First country to launch radio telescope satellite into space Japan
First city to be attacked with Atom Bomb Hiroshima (Japan)
First country to win the Football World Cup Uruguay (1930)
First country to host the Modern Olympic Games Greece
First lamb created using DNA from an adult sheep Dolly
First heart bypass operation by a Robot, carried out in Germany
First cloned human baby Eve
First religion of the world Sanatan Dharma
First university of the world Taxila University

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