100+ Full Static Gk PDF for Odisha Exam

Last updated on December 7, 2023

100+ Full Static Gk PDF for Odisha Exam

100+ Full Static Gk PDF for Odisha Exam: Static Gk Series is designed for those students who are preparing for government exams and want to score more in GA, GS, and current affairs sections like in exams OPSC, OSSC, OSSSC, ASO, RAILWAY, SSC, MTS, POLICE, HIGH COURT ASO, OTET, CT, BED, etc.

In this post, we will cover all the topics of Static GK which is important for the upcoming exam. If you want to strengthen your Static GK section then practice this section well.

✅ List of Folk Dances in India
✅ Sports Cups And Trophies list
✅ Top Companies and Websites and Their Founders
✅ National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
✅ Important Battles in Indian History
✅ Folk and Classical Dances PDF
✅ Longest Highest Biggest and Largest in India
✅ Famous Temple in India
✅ List of Indian Cities on Rivers Banks
✅ List Of India UNESCO Heritage site
✅ List of Countries And Their National Games
✅ List Of International Airports In India
✅ Major Dam In India 
✅ Important River in India
✅ List of the Indian States and Capital 2022
✅ First in World
✅ First Female In World 
First in World (Miscellaneous)
Superlatives of the World
Countries with Capitals and Currencies
Largest and Smallest Countries
Languages and Religions Languages Spoken
Nick Name Of Important Cities 
Geographical Discoveries 
✅National Monuments of Major Countries
✅Major News Agencies of the World
✅National Emblem of Major Countries
✅Official Books of Major Countries
✅Political Parties of Major Countries
✅Some Important Symbols or Signs
✅Fathers of Various Fields
✅Intelligence/Detective Agencies of the World
✅The Seven Wonders of the World
✅The ‘New’ Wonders of the Modern World
✅The First Male in India 
✅The First Female In India 
✅longest and highest in India 
✅Famous nick Name of Important Persons
✅Crematorium of Famous Person (India)
✅Some Great Works Associated with Famous Persons
✅Major Newspapers in India
✅List of Renamed Indian Cities
✅Foundation Day of Indian States
✅UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
✅Famous Tourist Spots of India & founder
✅Important Site of India and their founder
✅Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Institutions
✅Important Indian government Institution 
✅Important Educational Institutions in India 
✅Important Dates and Days of the Year
✅Important UNO Decades
✅UN International Year
✅Important Abbreviations 
✅Important Books and their Authors
✅Books Awarded with Prizes
✅Secretary Generals Till Date
✅Name of Agency Estd in Headquarters Objective
✅International Organizations and Groups
✅Summer Olympic Games
✅India’s Performance in Olympics
✅List of Cricket World Cup
✅All Sports Cup And their Winner 
✅Important Sport Terms
✅Important Sports Organisations 
✅Famous Sports Stadiums
✅Nickname of Players
✅List of National Games of India 
✅Players and their Books
✅Famous Spoken Languages of India
✅National Symbol of India
✅Indian Defence system details 
✅Defence Research in India
✅List of Indian Missiles details 
✅Indian Military Aircrafts
✅List of Indian Combat Vehicles
✅List Of Indian Naval Aircrafts
✅List of Sub-marines of the Indian Navy
✅India Satelite Launch Mission 
✅History of Satellite Launch Vehicles
✅Indian Nobel Prize Award Details 
✅Indian Internation Film Award List 
✅Oscar Awards or Academy Awards
✅Grammy Awards
✅Indians Winning Pulitzer Prize
✅Man Booker Prize
✅List Of Bharat Ratna Award 
✅Famous Indian Military Award 
✅Important Sport Awards 
✅List of Important Indian Film Awards 
✅Recipients of the Jnanpith Award
✅List of Important Literature Award 

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