Important GK Question about Vedic Period

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Important GK Question about Vedic Period

  • Who is considered to be the period of pre-Vedic or Rigvedic culture – 1500 BC From 1000 BC
  • Who is believed to be the period of post-Vedic culture – 1000 BC From 600 BC
  • The word ‘Arya’ literally means – best or noble
  • Which crop was not known to the people of Vedic period – tobacco
  • By what name were the anti-Vedic and anti-Brahmin religious teachers of the post-Vedic period – Shramana
  • An important part of Vedic mathematics is the Shul Sutra.
  • In which Vedas is there information about the culture of ancient Vedic age – Rigveda
  • What is the number of Vedas – four
  • The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ which are used in the royal emblem of India are derived from which Upanishads – Mundaka Upanishad
  • What was the main occupation of the Rigvedic Aryans – animal husbandry
  • Adi Granth of Indian music is called – Samaveda
  • Who is the first law maker – Manu
  • The first and main text of Krishna devotion is – Srimad Bhagwat Gita
  • What is the main form of property in Rigveda – Godhan
  • In which division of the Rigveda is the Shudra mentioned for the first time – in the 10th
  • What is the number of Puranas – 18
  • Whose worship was the main feature of Vedic religion – nature
  • For which deity is the word ‘Purandar’ used in the Rigveda – Indra
  • ‘Shulva Sutra’ is a book related to which subject – Geometry
  • Where is ‘Asato Ma Sadgamay’ derived from – Rigveda
  • Arya came from outside India and settled first – in Punjab
  • Which mandal of Rigveda is completely dedicated to Mon – ninth mandal
  • The famous ten kings war ‘Dasraj war’ was fought on the banks of which river – Parupani
  • What is the rate of land revenue in the scriptures – 1/6
  • What era is associated with the era of 800 BCE to 600 BCE – Brahmin era
  • The most described river in early Vedic literature is – Indus.
  • Where was the ruler Ashwapati of the Upanishad period – Kekay’s
  • In which Upanishads do Nachiketa and Yama communicate about spiritual knowledge – in Kathopanishad
  • Where should the location of the Vedic river Kubha (Kabul) be determined – in Afghanistan
  • The philosophical system propounded by Kapil Muni is – Sankhya Darshan
  • The excavation of which place of India has found the oldest evidence of the prevalence of ferrous metal – Atranjikhera
  • In which period the concept of untouchables clearly emerged – in the period of theology
  • Which book is found in the Gayatri Mantra (addressed to Goddess Savitri) – Rigveda
  • Justice was promoted – Gautam
  • Were known in ancient India from ‘Nishk’ – gold jewelery
  • Yoga is an exponent of philosophy – Patanjali
  • Upanishads are books – on philosophy
  • The religion of pre-Vedic Aryans was predominantly – nature-worship and yajna
  • The book ‘Charaka Samhita’ is related to which subject – medical
  • The rituals related to Yajna are revealed – from Yajurveda
  • What was the Vedic era ‘Sabha’ – was the Council of Ministers
  • Popular governance system prevalent in the Vedic era was – Republic
  • Which is the oldest Veda – Rigveda
  • Who is the initial ideology of Indian philosophy – Statistics
  • Sankhya, Yoga, Justice, Vaiseshika, Mimamsa, and Vedanta – these six different Indian
  • philosophies were clearly expressed – in the Vedic age
  • Which is the handiwork that was not brought into practice by the Aryans – Luhar (Lohargiri)
  • The oldest grammar is the creator of ‘Ashtadhyayi’ – Panini
  • Which memory is the oldest – Manusmriti
  • Who is given the noun of ‘Adi Kavya’ – Ramayana
  • The oldest Purana is – Matsya Purana
  • Which is considered the holiest river in Rigveda – Saraswati
  • The basic unit of Vedic society was – Kaal / Kutumb
  • Which was the oldest institution of the Rigvedic era – Vida
  • Who is the oldest among the Brahma texts – Shatapatha Brahmin
  • When did the ‘gotra’ system come into vogue – North-Vedic period
  • Manusmriti is mainly related to social order
  • Who composed the Gayatri Mantra – Vishwamitra
  • There is a similarity between ‘Avesta’ and ‘Rigveda’. Which region is related to ‘Avesta’ – Iran
  • How many verses are there in the Rigveda – 1028
  • Whose compilation is based on Rigveda – Samaveda
  • Kis Veda describes the magical Maya and spells – Atharva Veda
  • The term ‘Arya’ indicates – to the ethnic group
  • In the Rigveda, which is found in ‘Vivah Sukta’, which describes the oldest marriage ceremony?
  • In the Rigveda, the word ‘aghanya’ (not slaughter) was used for – cow
  • Which rivers are mentioned in the Rigveda indicate the relationship of Aryans with
  • Afghanistan – Kubha, Kramu
  • Who favored the Arctic home theory of Aryans – B.G. Tilak
  • ‘Atharva’ means sacred magic
  • Which Veda is also composed partly in prose form – Yajurveda
  • Which god had the highest position in the post-Vedic period – Prajapati
  • What is the total number of verses – 16
  • The theory of karma is related to – epistemology

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