Important GK Question about Volcano

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Important GK Question about Volcano

Friends, our post today is related to World Geography, in this post we are going to tell you the important questions and answers related to Volcano GK under World Geography!

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Important GK Question about Volcano

  1. What is the dyke – volcanic built interior topography
  2. Caldera is related to – Volcanic
  3. Which continent is there not a single volcano – Australia
  4. Who is called the Circle of Fire – Prashant Parimekhala
  5. Lalith is related to volcanoes
  6. When does ‘Pale’s Tear’ originate – at the time of the volcanic eruption
  7. Volcanoes contain the main gases apart from aquifers – carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen.
  8. Most of the active volcanoes are found in the world – in the newly folded mountain areas
  9. What is called a volcanic belt around the Pacific Ocean – fire chain
  10. What is called a volcanic eruption after a long period of calm – a well-kept volcano
  11. Which is called the ‘safety valve of nature’ – volcano
  12. Which volcano often has an origin – the awakened volcano
  13. What are crater and caldera locomotives related to – volcano
  14. Where is ‘Cotopaxi’ – Ecuador Volcano GK
  15. Volcanic activity is found more – in Japan
  16. The most active volcano in the world is – Kilauea
  17. What is Pyroclastics – Warm Shell fragments and slag
  18. What kind of volcanoes does Pale’s hair relate to – Hawaiian equations
  19. Craters (volcanic holes) are mainly of which shape – conical
  20. Which gas does not release during the volcanic eruption – Oxygen
  21. Which is the world’s highest active volcano – Cotopaxi
  22. The liquefied rock under the surface of the Earth is called – magma
  23. Where is the world’s highest volcano mountain Kotopexy located – Ecuador
  24. What type of volcano is Strambili – awake
  25. In which country is the dead volcano Kilimanjaro located – Tanzania
  26. Fujiyama is the volcano of which country – Japan
  27. Which volcano is called Light House of the Mediterranean sea – Stromboli
  28. Fausa Magna is a volcano
  29. Where is Air Bus Volcano located – Antarctica Continent
  30. Mount Etna volcano is located on which island – Sicily
  31. In which country is Vesuvius volcano located – Italy
  32. Maunaloa example is – a dormant volcano
  33. Approximately how many active volcanoes are found in the world – 50
  34. What are the substances extracted from volcanic extract – slag, pyroclastic material
  35. In which country is Stromboli and Etna Volcano located – Italy
  36. In which country is Laki Volcano located – Iceland
  37. In which country is Demwend Volcano located – Iran
  38. In which country is Altarg Volvamukhi located – Georgia
  39. In which country is the Artashat volcano located – Armenia
  40. mother. In which country is the Rainier Volcano located – America
  41. In which country is Mount Regal Volcano located – Canada
  42. In which country is the Katmai volcano located – Alaska
  43. In which country is the Cotopexy volcano located – Ecuador
  44. In which country is Fujiyama volcano located – Japan
  45. In which country is Krakatoa volcano located – Indonesia
  46. Where is St. Helena Volcano located – Atlantic Ocean
  47. In which country is Kilimanjaro volcano located – Tanzania
  48. In which country is Meru volcano located – Kenya
  49. What is called the excessive expansion of volcanoes caused by subsidence or other reason – Caldera
  50. Who classified volcanoes based on provenance in 1908 – Lacroix
  51. Who classified volcanoes in 1944 on the basis of differentiation of extracted material – Cotton
  52. What is the type of Stromboli of Lipari Island and Etna Volcano in Italy – active and alert volcano
  53. In Colombia (South America), for how many years did the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano become active again –390
  54. Which city was destroyed when Navado del Ruiz Volcano was activated in November 1985 – Armero
  55. Apart from basalt flow, which is the largest volcano – shield volcano
  56. Shield volcanoes are examples of where – Hawaiian Islands
  57. Which volcanoes have colder and cooler lava extracts than basalt – mixed volcanoes
  58. Which are the most explosive volcanoes – volcanic pool
  59. Which is the part of basalt flow area – Deccan trap
  60. How volcanic is Koh-Sultan and Dembend of Iran and Popa of Myanmar – Dead or Depleted
  61. Examples are Batholith, Lacolith, Faecolith, Lapolith, Dike, Sill, Wings, and Circular Wings
  62. Examples of raised landforms and submerged landforms – outlying landforms
  63. Jolo of Mexico, Mount Izalco of San Salvador are examples of – Cinder cones
  64. What is the mouth of a volcano called – crater
  65. In which the state of America, crater lake has formed due to overflow of water – Oregon
  66. What does caldera mean in Spanish – Kedah

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