Important Sport Terms Used in game Details Here

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Important Sports Terms Used in-game Details Here

Basketball Dunk, front court, lay up, held ball, pivot, rebound, steal
Cricket Bye, draw, googly, topspin, over throw, duck, hit wicket
Football Bend dribble, dissent, dummy, feint, free kick, header, red card, throwins
Hockey Bully, striking, circle, post back
Chess Castle, diagonaes, files, pawns, peices, promote, gambit, pawn
Boxing Jab, laying on knock, second out habbit punch, upper cut
Badminton Loab, let, drive, drop, love
Polo Chuker, bunker
Baseball Diamond, home run, put out, strike, ant-rubber.
Rifle Shooting Target, muzzle fulb, bulls eye
Wrestling Half, nelson, hold sager, rebuts
Golf Fore some, stymie, T, put hole, caddy, nib lick, iron, the green, bunkeer
Billiards Jigger, pot, break pot, in off, cans, bolting, long, hazard, cue
Swimming Breast stroke, twist, butterfly, crawl, spring board
Volley Ball Antennae, attack hit, libero, service, set-up, blocking, dribbling
Lawn Tennis Advantage, ace, dence, volley, foot foult, smash, grand-slam, slice, love
Table Tennis End line, flat hit, foil, service, phnholder grip, reverse, top-spin, couter-hitting, let


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