Important UNO Decades

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Important UNO Decades

1991-2000 UN Decade against Drug Abuse
1995-2004 Decade for Human RightsEducation
1997-2006 Decade for the Eradication ofPoverty
2003-2012 UN Literacy Decade :Education for All
2005-2014 UN Decade of Education forSustainable Development
2005-2015 International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’
2006-2016 Decade of Recovery andSustainable Development of theAffected Regions
2008-2017 Second UN Decade for theEradication of Poverty
2010-2020 UN Decade for Deserts andFight against Desertification
2011- 2020 Decade of Action for Road Safety UN Decade on Biodiversity Third UN International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism

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