India Satellite Launch Mission till date details pdf here free

Last updated on December 7, 2023

India Satellite Launch Mission till date details pdf here free

Satellite Date Launch Vehicle Place Type
Aryabhatta 19th April, 1975 Cosmos Baikonur Experimental
Bhaskara I 7th June, 1979 Cosmos Baikonur Earth Observation
Rohini 10th August, 1979 S L V-3 Sriharikota Experimental
Rohini D1 31st May, 1981 S L V-3 Sriharikota Earth Observation
Apple 19th June, 1981 Ariane Kourou Communication
Bhaskara II 20th November, 1981 Cosmos Baikonur Earth Observation
INSAT-IA 10th April, 1982 Delta America Communication
IRS-IB 29th August, 1991 Vostok Baikonur Earth Observation
INSAT 2A 10th July, 1992 Ariane-4 Kourou Communication
INSAT 2B 23rd July, 1993 Ariane-4 Kourou Communication
INSAT-3B 22nd March, 2000 Ariane-5 Kourou Communication
GSAT-1 18th April, 2001 GSLV-D1 Sriharikota Communication
INSAT-3A 10th April, 2003 Ariane-5 Kourou Communication
GSAT-2 8th May, 2003 GSLV-D2 Sriharikota Communication
EDUSAT 20th September, 2004 GSLV-F01 Sriharikota Communication
CARTOSAT 1 5th May, 2005 PSLV-C6 Sriharikota Earth Observation
HAMSAT 5th May, 2005 PSLV-C6 Sriharikota Communication
AGILE 23rd April, 2007 PSLV-C8 Sriharikota Astronomy
Tech SAR 21st January, 2008 PSLV-C10 Sriharikota Surveillance
IMS-1 28th April, 2008 PSLV-C9 Sriharikota Earth Observation
CHANDRAYAAN-1 22nd October, 2008 PSLV-C11 Sriharikota Moon Mission
OCEANSAT-2 23rd September, 2009 PSLV-C14 Sriharikota Earth Observation
CARTOSAT-2B 12th July, 2010 PSLV-C15 Sriharikota Earth Observation
GSAT-5P 25th December, 2010 GSLV-F06 Sriharikota Communication
RISAT-1 26th April, 2012 PSLV-C19 Sriharikota Radar Imaging
YOUTHSAT 20th April, 2011 PSLV-C16 Sriharikota Experimental/Small Satellite
RESOURCESAT-2 20th April, 2011 PSLV-C16 Sriharikota Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-8 21st May, 2011 Ariane-5 VA-202 Kourou Communication
GSAT-12 15th July, 2011 PSLV-C17 Sriharikota Communication
Jugnu 12th October, 2011 PSLV-C18 Sriharikota Student Satellite
RISAT-1 26th April, 2012 PSLV-C19 Sriharikota Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-10 29th September, 2012 Ariane-5 VA-209 Kourou Communication
SARAL 25th February, 2013 PSLV-C20 Sriharikota Earth Observation Satellite
IRNSS-1A 1st July, 2013 PSLV-C22 Sriharikota Navigation Satellite
INSAT-3D 26th July, 2013 Ariane-5 VA-214 Kourou Communication Disaster Management, Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-7 30th August, 2013 Ariane-5 VA-215 Kourou Communication
MOM 5th November, 2013 PSLV-C25 Sriharikota Geo-Stationary Satellite
GSAT-14 5th January, 2014 GSLV-D5 Sriharikota Communication
IRNSS-18 4th April, 2014 PSLV-24 Sriharikota Navigation
IRNSS-IC 16th October, 2014 PSLV-C26 Sriharikota Navigation
GSAT-16 7th December, 2014 Ariane-5 VA-221 Kourou Communication
GSAT-15 11th November, 2015 Ariane-5 VA 227 Kourou Communication
GSAT-18 5th October, 2016 Ariane-5 ECA Kourou Communication
Resourcesat-2A 7th December, 2016 PSLV-C16 Sriharikota Remote Sensing
Cartosat-2 15th February, 2017 PSLV-C37 Sriharikota Remote Sensing Satellite
GSAT-9 5th May, 2017 GSLV Mark-2 Sriharikota Communication Satellite
Cartosat-2 23rd June, 2017 PSLV-C38 Sriharikota Remote Sensing Satellite
GSAT-17 29th June, 2017 Ariane-5 Kouron Communication Satellite
Cartosat-2 12th January, 2018 PSLV-C40 Sriharikota Remote Sensing Satellite
Kalamsat V2 25th January, 2019 PSLV-C44 Sriharikota Communication satellite (lightest satellite to be ever launched)

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