List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances PDF 2020

Last updated on December 7, 2023

List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances PDF 2020

India has many dances, which come from every state of the country, however, there are only six forms of classical dance recognized by the country at the national level. They are Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, and Odissi. Indian folk dance is much more than just the movement of the body, from ancient times the classical dance form of India is considered to be a series and a way to dedicate oneself to God through art. Let us tell you the traditional story of a rich tradition through the dance culture of India List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances helps to your all competitive exam so read the post carefully and download pdf here on free. 

List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances
List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances

List of Indian Folk and Classical Dances

1. Bharatnatyam
Tamil Nadu, South India

Bharatnatyam, performed in the heavenly voice of Carnatic music, comes from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Bharatnatyam dates back to 1000 BC and dates back to ancient temples in Tamil Nadu, which were practiced by women of classical times. The dance form is known for its beautiful body movements and gestures which are called coins in the traditional language. It focuses on the gestures of the hands, the movements of the legs, and the expressions of the dancer’s mouth. This dance was very prevalent before the British era but was deeply indifferent during the colonial period.

2. Kathak
Uttar Pradesh, North India

The Kathak from Uttar Pradesh comes from the word ‘Kath’ which means ‘story’ in Hindi. It’s not a smart assumption to act as a storyteller through the body movements used by the dancers. Kathak is often called the dance of love, and it can be brought together by both male and female dancers. This dance form focuses more on the movement of the legs which is done by the knees which have to match the beats of the music.

3. Kathakali
Kerala, South India

Kathakali is another traditional dance form of India that is associated with storytelling Kathakali translates ‘kathak’ into the language of the country Coming from Kerala to the south of the country, Kathakali is one of the most famous and religious dances in India. It is based on the story of the Ramayana and the Shiva story Tomorrow includes exciting face movements and heavy clothing including traditional face masks and body colors (usually green and green).

4. Manipuri
Manipur, Northeast India

As you walk towards Northeast India which is bright with its rich traditions and unique culture, Manipuri comes from this region as an important symbol to represent the state of Manipur. The dance is performed to describe the romantic relationship between the Hindu deity Radha and Krishna, known as Ras Leela.

5. Kuchipudi
Andhra Pradesh

Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh is probably the hardest form of classical dance in India. Kuchipudi is not only considered a dance but is a complete religious system dedicated to God which includes some rituals such as sprinkling holy water, burning incense sticks, and praying to God. Kuchipudi includes both songs and dances by actors which is why it requires both art and more dedication than any other form of art in India.

6. Odissi
Odisha, East India

The dance tradition of Odisha comes from the state of Odisha in the eastern part of India. The traditional dance originates from the Hindu temple in Odisha. Most of the gestures and movements (coins) are inspired by the statues and statues of the ancient temples of India. The dance is performed as a means of telling the mythological stories of Hindu deities, including Shiva and Surya.

7. Bhangra / Gida
Punjab, North India

Punjab Jabbar, Bhangra is a heartbreaking dance, decorated by the high voices of Dhol (traditional Indian musical instruments). It is abundant in traditional Punjabi festivals

8. Garba
Gujarat, Western India

Garba comes from Gujarat which is a traditional dance form dedicated to Goddess Durga. In ordinary Gujarati music, it is performed in a couple, and sticks are used to display this art form.

9. Roof
Kashmir, North India

The Ruf, performed by Kashmiris to celebrate their festivals and important festivals, is a relaxing dance form performed by female dancers in traditional Kashmiri music.

10. Ghomar

Wearing heavy ornaments and beautiful costumes, you will see the people of Rajasthan dancing to the beat of the music to give them their traditional dance form. Ghomar’s hands include the interesting circular movements associated with the limbs.

11. Chow
Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Beautiful women in well-dressed costumes performing the dance form of rice are what you see during the festival in Kolkata. Popular art from eastern India is considered a dance in the form of martial arts.

12. Bihu
Assam, Northeast India

At the Bihu festival, young men and women perform this delightful folk dance of Assam The dancers follow the theme of the band wearing traditional Assamese costumes with fast hand movements, quick steps, and beautiful accessories.

13. Profits
Maharashtra, Western India

Lavani, originally from the state of the Maratha Empire, is a dance form of Maharashtra Women-based dance is a mix of traditional music and the story of the gods The origin of Lavani comes from the word Lavani which means beauty In addition to helping improve the Marathi folk theater, dance was also a morale boost during the 18th century during the war.

14. Mohiniyatam
Kerala, South India

In Indian mythology, Mohini is the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and in Malayalam, Attam means the thematic speed so one observes the dance of the divine divine mantra. This is Kerala’s second most popular dance form

15. Satiya Dance
Assam, Northeast India

Sankaradev, a great saint and reformer from Assam, introduced the dance in the 20th century. This dance form was preserved in satra or Vaishnava mathematics; Therefore, it has become a living tradition The dance was a way of presenting the science of the world



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