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Last updated on December 7, 2023

1) A trader buys 500 Kgs of cotton at 10% discount on marked price Rs.10,000. 10% of this cotton is spoiled due to rain. At what rate should be sell the rest to earn 20% profit.
A] Rs.20
B] Rs.22
C] Rs.24
D] Rs.25

2) A is thrice as good a worker as B. Together they can do work in 15 days. In how many days will B finish the work?
A) 40 days
B 50 days
C 60 days
D 80 days

3) In examination, 65% of the students passed in Mathematics, 48% passed in Physics and 30% passed in both. How much percentage of students failed in both the subjects?
A 17%
B 43%
C 13%
D 47%

4) Find the measures of an angle which is complement of itself.
A 40°
B 30°
C 45°
D None of the above

5) The batting average of a batsman in 57 innings is 58 runs. He was out for a duck in 7 innings. His batting average for remaining innings is:
A 60
B 65.12
C 66.12
D 70.28

6) Find the greatest number that will divide 22, 34 & 56 leaving the remainder 2, 4 & 6 respectively?
A 6
B 8
C 10
D 12

7) Three partners A, B and C share profit such that three times the share of A is equal to two times the share of B and equal to 12 times the share of C. What is the ratio of the profits of A, B and C respectively?
A 3 : 2 : 12
B 12 : 2 : 3
C 4 : 6 : 1
D 1 : 6 : 4

8) Gautam’s father was 33 years of age when he was born while his mother was 31 years old when his sister two years younger to him was born. Find the difference between the ages of his parents.
A 3 years
B 4 years
C 5 years
D 9 years

9) In an exam of 300 marks a student gets 75 marks. If she had scored 6 more marks, she would have attained a passing percentage. What is the passing percentage?
A) 25
B) 30
C) 35
D) 27

10) The owner of a cell phone shop charges his customer 23% more than the cost price. If a customer paid Rs.7,011 for a cell phone, then what was the cost price of the cell phone?
A रू. 5,845
B रू. 6,750
C रू. 5,900
D None Of the above

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