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Last updated on December 7, 2023

Morley-Minto Reforms (1909)

➮ After Curzon, Lord Minto became the viceroy of India
➮ It envisaged a separate electorate for Muslims.
the Father of Communal Electorate
➮ Aimed at dividing the nationalist ranks and at rallying the Moderates and the Muslims to the government’s side.
➮ One Indian (for the first time) was to be appointed to the viceroy’s executive council.
➮ Satyendra Prasad Sinha became the first Indian to join the viceroy’s Executive Council. He was appointed as a Law member.

Komagata Maru ship Incident (1914)

➮ Canada Government was unhappy with the increasing number of Indian settlers in Canada.
➮ Unfortunately, no passenger ship in those days sailed directly for Canada only India-bound ships either from Hongkong or Shangai.
➮ Baba Gurdit Singh, a man of affluent means and a contractor of repute came to the rescue of Indians stranded in Hongkong in 1910.
➮ He hired a Japanese ship Komagatamaru. It reached the fort of Vancouver on 22 May 1914. These people did not come under the restraints of the Canadian Act.
➮ The Canadian Government did not allow the ship to enter Vancouver hence the passenger did not get down. after, Komagata maru started returning on 23rd July.
➮ When the ship reached Budge- Budge, angry passengers fought with police many were wounded and died.

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