Muslim Socio Religious Reform Movement and Organisations free pdf

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Muslim Socio Religious Reform Movement


Year Place Founder Objectives
Faraizi or
1804 Faridpur, Bengal Haji Shariatullah and dadu Miya To rid the Muslim society of non Islamic social customs, rituals and practices. Antilandlord and antiBritish movement.
1839 Dacca Karamati Ali Jaunpur Opposed to the Faraizi movement and supported the British rule.
Dar-ul-ulum (A school of Islamic 1867 Deoband Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi To improve the spiritual and moral conditions of
Theology at Deoband, Sharanpur, U.P.) Ahmad Gangohi Indian Muslims. This movement supported the INC and was opposed to the pro-British Aligarh movement.
1875 Aligarh Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Liberalisation of Indian Islam and modernisation of Indian Muslims through religious reinterpretation, social reform and modern education.
Ahmadiya Movement 1889-90 Qadiani Punjab Faridkot Ahmad of Qadiyan Mirza Ghulam be lieved in the universal religion of all humanity, opposed to Islamic orthodoxy and spread of western liberal education among Indian Muslims.
Nadwatul Ulama 1894-95 Lucknow Maulana Shibli To reform the tra- ditional Islamic system of education, to strengthen Hindu-Muslim unity and to arouse nationalism among Indian Muslims.

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