National Emblem of Major Countries

Last updated on December 7, 2023

National Emblem of Major Countries

Australia Kangaroo
Bangladesh Water Lily
Canada White Lily, Maple Leaf
Chile Candor and Huemul
Denmark Beach
France Lily
Germany Corn Flower
India Lion Capital of Ashoka
Iran Perso Arabic Script of Arabic word ‘Allah’
Afghanistan Shora
Albania People’s Assembly
Algeria National People’s Assembly
Australia Parliament/Federal Parliament
Austria National Assembly
Bangladesh Jatia Sansad
Bhutan Tasongadu
Botswana National Assembly
Brazil National Congress
Britain Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords)
Canada Parliament
China, Mainland National People Congress
China, National Yuah (National Assembly)
Colombia Congress
Denmark Folketing
Egypt People’s Assembly
France National Assembly
Germany Bundestag
India Sansad (Parliament)
Indonesia People’s Consultative Assembly
Iran Majilis
Iraq National Assembly
Ireland Orieachtas
Italy White Lily
Japan Chrysanthemum
Netherlands Lion
New Zealand Southern Cross, Kiwi, Fern
Norway Lion
Pakistan Crescent and Star
Spain Eagle
UK Rose
USA Bald eagle,Golden Rod
Country Name Legislature Name
Israel Knesset
Japan Diet
Kenya National Assembly
Korea (North) Supreme People’s Assembly
Korea (South) National Assembly
Libya General People’s Congress
Malaysia Parliament (Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara)
Mongolia Great People’s Khural
Nepal Rashtriya Panchayat
Netherlands State General
New Zealand Parliament (House of Representatives)
Norway Storting
Pakistan National Assembly
Romania Grand National Assembly
Russia Duma
South Africa Parliament
Spain Cortes Generales
Switzerland Federal Assembly
Syria People’s Council
Turkey Grand National Assembly
USA Congress
Zambia National Assembly

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