National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Last updated on December 7, 2023

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

List of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

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List of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India: All important National Parks in India: Indian National Parks are one of the most important sections of General Awareness. The questions of this GA section are definitely seen in every competitive examination of the country. In this special section we are providing you with the complete list of important national parks of India in PDF. We are suggested to read the list below to clear all doubts related to your National Park of India.

Download the most important list of National Parks of India, which gives complete information on the location of national parks, these important questions of the list of national parks are really helpful for all the competitive exams like banking, SSC, railways, insurance,  UPSC and the like,  and other competitive exams. These questions are also helpful in improving the general knowledge of national parks. Here you can find more important information on the total number of national parks,  tiger reserves, elephant reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, etc.

List of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India’s first national park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park,  now known as Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. By 1970, there were only five national parks in India.

In 1972, India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act and Project Tiger to protect the habitats of conservation-dependent species. Here we have given a list of useful national parks for your competitive exams.

national park famous kingdom
Sariska National Park for tigers. Rajasthan
Mount Abu Wild Life Sanctuary For rare flora with rare hyenas and jackals Rajasthan
Keola Devi National Park For the birds of the extinct and distant species Rajasthan
Pass National Park For thin-mouthed crocodiles Rajasthan
Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary Nilgai, Sambhar Bear, Wild Pig Rajasthan
Dazzat National Park For Kshi Grey Indian Bustard Rajasthan
Tal Chapar Sanctuary For the blackbucks and the exotic birds that come here) Rajasthan
Ranthambore National Park For Bengal Tiger Rajasthan
Kuno National Park For Asian Lions Mp
Panna National Park Famous for wild cat, deer, vulture,  tiger Mp
Mandla Plant Fossil National Park for the fossil of plants Mp
Madhav National Park For sambhar, woodpecker, tiger, nilgai, susat bear, crocodile, chinkara, deer, deer, deer,  leopard etc. Mp
Bandhavgarh National Park For Bengal Tiger Mp
Van Vihar Park For the major Bengal tiger and other creatures Mp
Sanjay National Park For Bengal Tiger Mp
Kanha National Pak Famous for tigers Mp
Satpuda National Park For Tiger, Blackbuck and Barasinga Mp
Screw National Park For The Royal Bengal Tiger, Tendue, Dull Bear, Chinkara Mp
Chandraprabha National Park For Cheetal, Krishnamag, Bear, Nilgai uttar pradesh
Dudwa National Park For the barasingha, tigers uttar pradesh
Namdapha National Park For the umbrella of the pedo Arunachal Pradesh
Sultanpur National Park Siberian storks, for waterfowl haryana
Kaleshwar National Park Leopard, for Ghoral haryana
Kaibul Lamzhou National Park Flora and fauna, for the wild goat Manipur
Sirohi National Park For wild chickens Manipur
Khanchanjunga National Park For the black buck Sikkim
Clouded National Park Ghumil, to The Dumpa Tiger Reserve) Tripura
Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary For elephant, leopard, deer, wild pig forest of bushe
Betla National Pak Wild bear, sambhar, for forest of bushe
Slow National Park Ghomra, for redsea duck forest of bushe
Hazaribagh National Park For tiger, nilgai, cheetal forest of bushe
Plani Hills National Park Extinct species of bird, for the stork Tamil Nadu
Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) National Park Grass hill, for reptiles Tamil Nadu
Gunide National Park For the species of tigers Tamil Nadu
Gulf of Manar National Park Geographical structure and for aquatic organisms Tamil Nadu
Vedantagal Sanctuary For aquatic birds Tamil Nadu
Mukuruthi National Park For eucalyptus tahar Tamil Nadu
mudumalai abhayaranya For elephant, sambhar, leopard, wild dog Tamil Nadu
Dachigram National Park For Leopard, Black Bear, Red Bear, Deer, Ingul Jammu and Kashmir
Kishtwar National Pakistan Wild yak, tibetan ass, for hill leopard Jammu and Kashmir
damfa sanctuary For cobra, cat, feint Mizoram
Chilka Lake Sanctuary For cranes, jalkauwa, pellivan, migratory bird Odisha
Simli National Park For elephants, tiger leopards, sambhar, crocodiles Odisha
Nameri National Park For tiger reserves unequal
Kajiranga National Park For the bhessa, the wild pig unequal
Mansa National Park For elephants, bears, a horny rhinoceros, langur deer unequal
Sundarbans National Park For tiger, deer, crocodile West Bengal
Buxa National Park For tiger reserves West Bengal
Nagarjuna Sagar National Park For tiger reserves Andhra Pradesh
Nal Lake Sanctuary for the water-bird. Gujarat
Gir National Park For lion, sambhar, leopard, wild pig Gujarat
Beriwali (Sanjay Gandhi) National Park For langur, deer, sabhar leopard Maharashtra
Tance National Park, Thane For wild pig, leopard, licking Maharashtra
Jim Corbett National Park For elephants, tigers, cheetahs,  deer, bears, nilgais, sambhar Uttarakhand
Rohilla National Park Musk deer, brown bear, mountain cock, mountain leopard Hp
Indravati National Park For tiger reserves Chhattisgarh
Periyar National Park For elephants, leopards, sambhar, bears, nilgai Kerala
Parambikulam National Park For deer, sambhar, elephant Kerala
Bandipur National Park For elephants, leopards, cheetals, sambhar Karnataka
Nagarhole (Rajiv Gandhi) National Park For tiger reserves Karnataka
Bhadra Sanctuary For bears, elephants, sambhar, leopards, deer Karnataka
Tungabhadra National Park Cheetal for blackbuck, chasinga and bird Karnataka
Someshwar Sanctuary For wild dog, deer, sambhar Karnataka
Abohar Sanctuary For Wild Pig, Deer, Nilgai, Black Goose, Pigeon panjab
Bhagwan Mahavir National Park For deer, rat, sawdem, sambhar betel-nut
Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary For leopard, sambhar, bear, wild pig tell
kavala wildlife sanctuary For cheetals, bears, leopards tell
Valmiki National Park For tiger reserves Bihar
Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary For Tiger, Nilgai, Gharial, Sambhar Bihar
Nongarweilem Sanctuary For elephants, tigers, deer, sambhar, bears the abode of clouds

Important Points about National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries 2021 Important points about National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

We have covered the full list of important national parks in India above. Below we have mentioned some important points about national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Total number of National Parks in India- 105 (Updated)
Total number of tigers in India – 50
Total number of elephants in India – 32 Total
number of wildlife sanctuaries in India – 551
Total number of biosphere reserves in India – 18

Important Policy:

National Forest Policy- 1952, 1988
Project Tiger – 1973
Project Elephant – 1992
Project Crocodile – 1975
Project Dolphin – 2008



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