Objective of Swaraj Party (1923)- Indian history notes

Last updated on December 7, 2023

The objective of Swaraj Party (1923)- Indian history notes

➮ Motilal Nehru, C.R. Das and N.C. Kelkar demanded that the nationalists should end the boycott of the legislative council, enter them and expose them but the No Changers like Rajendra Prasad and Rajgopalachari ordered to Gandhi’s Programme of a boycott of legislatures.
➮ The Pro-changers formed the Swaraj Party On Jan 1, 1923, contested the elections, and embarrassed the government by opposing its measures.
➮ In the elections of 1923, the Das- Nehru group under the banner of the Swaraj Party emerged as the single largest party in the central Assembly, Bombay and Bengal Councils.
➮ The swarajists pursued an obstructionist strategy to defeat all proposals for legislative enactments.

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