OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation
OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation

OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation – Tips & Strategies

Last updated on December 7, 2023

OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation – Tips & Strategies

If you want to do well in the upcoming ASO EXAM 2022 exams administered by OPSC and are going to take the exams in it, here are some tips for you today that will help you a lot in preparing for your ASO 2022 exams. In fact, recently, the OPSC has issued a notification for the ASO Examination 2022, which will fill a number of vacancies. However, it is said that the number of posters will be up to 800 If you are also preparing for ASO, we are going to tell you that you can somehow pass the ASO 2022 exam.

OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation – Tips & Strategies

How to prepare for OPSC ASP 2022-

1. Keep good information about the state – According to experts, many questions related to the state are being asked in the OPSC ASO exam. In this case, if you have additional information about your state, it will be very useful for you During the preparation, try to find out all the information related to ODISHA, history, geography, economy, and political and social structure of the state. Solve questionnaires related to the state so that you can know the level of questions related to the state.

2. Keep the general knowledge well-

A question in the OPSC ASO exam is the general knowledge of the paper, if you have a good idea of ​​this paper then your path will be very easy for OPSC ASO 2022 EXAM. You know 100 questions are asked in GENERAL STUDIES, so you need to pay special attention to general knowledge. For the preparation of general knowledge, it is necessary to know about the current and important events of the country and abroad six months ago. In addition, candidates should also read from newspapers and PIB websites. In general knowledge, many questions about current affairs are also asked, so you have to continue to prepare for the current work every day, if you keep an eye on what is happening every day, you will get a good idea of ​​the questions.

4. Read NCERT books to understand the basics-

The NCERT book can be used to understand the ASO syllabus from the basic level In fact, many PCS syllables are found in NCERT books, so these books need to be read. In addition, the syllabus of NCERT books is kept in a very simple language, which makes it easy to understand.

5. Prepare with McTest-

The Mack test is the best way to prepare for any competitive test With the McTest, you can find out the level of questions coming up in ASO2018 In addition, you will have a good idea of ​​your pace and subject matter

6. Time management is the most important-

If you are preparing for OPSC ASO 2022 then it is important that you take the maximum time for this test. Understand time management and create a stable title table for preparation If you prepare daily according to the timetable, you can finish many syllables in a few days

7. Choose the right study material-

It is important to have the right study materials for any competitive preparation If you don’t have the right study material, no matter how prepared you are, you will not succeed in the ASO exam. Read good publishing books to choose the right study material Choose the study material or book you are making from the book where both THEORY & MCQ should be. Choose all the books that you can understand after reading to make your own.

Below we are giving you a good book SUGGEST that you can read to create.

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OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation
OPSC ASO 2022 Exam Preparation

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