Popular Movement during freedom Tribal Movements
Popular Movement during freedom Tribal Movements

Popular Movement during freedom Tribal Movements

Last updated on June 5, 2024

Popular Movement during freedom Tribal Movements

These movements were marked by their unique strategies, profound sense of community, and resilience against external pressures. This post explores some of the most notable tribal movements during India’s fight for independence.

Name Of The PostPopular Movement during freedom Tribal Movements
CategoriesIndian History
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  • Tribal Movements
  • Indian Freedom Struggle
  • Santhal Rebellion
  • Munda Rebellion
  • Bhil Revolt
  • Gond Uprising
  • Rampa Rebellion
KhondsOdisha1846-1914Chattre Bisayi
SanthalsRajmahal hills1855-56Siddhu and Kanhu
NaikadasGujarat1858-68Rup Singh and Jogia Bhagat
MundasChota Nagpur1899-1900Birsa Munda
Konda DoraVisakhapatnam1900Korra Mallaya
BhilsSouth Rajasthan1913Govind Guru
OraonsChota Nagpur1914-1915Jatra Bhagat
RampaAndhra Pradesh1916Alluri Sitaram Raju
KukisManipur1917-19Jadonang and Rani Gaidiniliu
ChenchusNallamalla Hills1921-22Motilal Tejawat

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