Previous Year Railway Science Questions
Previous Year Railway Science Questions

Previous Year Railway Science Questions PART-1

Last updated on December 22, 2023

Previous Year Railway Science Questions

Hello Friends, our post today is related to General Science, in this post we will provide you very important questions and answers to science! Previous Year Railway Science Questions help to your all competitive exam. 

All these questions have been asked in the previous exams of the upcoming Railway Recruitment and it is possible to be asked in the upcoming Railway exams like RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, RRB ALP, etc., then you should read them well and Please remember! 🙂 🙂

This is our 1st part related to the Science Question of the previous year of the railway,  which you can read! And its other parts will also be provided to you continuously, so you will keep visiting our website regularly !! Downlaod Here PDF Previous Year Railway Science Questions with free 

Previous Year Railway Science Questions

  • Quasarioka disease is caused by deficiency – protein
  • The sexually transmitted disease is – AIDS
  • Whose hyperactivity is caused by throat disease – thyroxine gland
  • A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.
  • The image formed by a plane mirror is – virtual
  • The boiling point of heavy water is – 101.4
  • The size of the nucleus is – 10¯¹⁵ m.
  • The barometric mercury surface shows a sudden fall – typhoon and storm
  • M.K.S. of electric charge Method has unit – Kulm
  • Who is called superheated fluid – glass (glass)
  • The anhydride of sulfuric acid is – SO₃
  • Mercury is easily obtained – from CineBar
  • Clouds float in the atmosphere – due to low density
  • Light waves are – electromagnetic transverse waves
  • The highest amount of gas taken during respiration is – nitrogen
  • Earth’s nearest planet – Venus
  • For a common man, the minimum distance of clear vision is 25 cm.
  • Whose statement is ‘a function of the internal energy temperature of a gas’ –
  • What is the electrolyte in volatile cell – sulfur acid
  • Hexa blades are made of – high carbon steel
  • ‘Arabica’ is a type of – flower
  • Whose magnet is made of – malleable iron
  • What is the unit of inertia-kg
  • What cycle is the gas turbine based on – Bretan cycle
  • The commonly used fuel gas in gas welding is – acetylene
  • The electron-volt is the unit of energy
  • What is called ‘oil of vitriol’ – H₂SO₄
  • The abundant metal found in the earth’s crust is aluminum
  • The SI unit of surface tension is – Newton/meter
  • Sound travels – in the form of long-term waves
  • One horsepower is equal to – 746 watts
  • Endoscope device is tested – the internal part of the body
  • Human blood color is red – due to hemoglobin
  • The density of water on heating – first increases then decreases
  • Sound intensity depends on – amplitude
  • One angle is equal to – 10¯¹⁰. Of
  • Parabanyan absorbs rays – ozone gas
  • Who is concerned with cholesterol – with fat
  • Which law defines the force of newtons – First
  • What type of protein is found in the virus – RNA and DNA
  • The magnetic effect of the electric current was discovered – by Austria (1812 AD)
  • What is ELISA – immunological test
  • What is Potato – Stem
  • What is the chemical name of Vitamin ‘C’ – Ascorbic acid
  • Fireworks have green color – barium oxide
  • Angstrom unit measure – wavelength
  • Frequency of audio waves by humans – 20Hz to 20000Hz
  • Steel contains a percentage of carbon – 0.1 to 1.5
  • What is the pH value of pure water – 7
  • Anemia is caused due to deficiency – iron
  • Diabetes is caused by the deficiency of which – Insulin
  • The underwater sounding device is called – hydrophone
  • The value of the gravitational pulse is g – 9.8 m / s.
  • Carrot is the source of which vitamin – Vitamin A
  • What is measured by decibels – sound intensity
  • The Kundalini of an electric heater is made – of nichrome.
  • What principle do dynamos work on – Faraday’s law
  • What is the main function of thermosetting in refrigeration – controlling the temperature
  • Cholera infection is caused by – bacteria
  • Who gave the rule of gravity – Newton
  • What is the chemical name of common salt – sodium chloride
  • What is a fire extinguishing gas – carbon dioxide
  • The fuse is made of wire – tin, and lead
  • What energy is in the dry cell – chemical
  • Which element remains in the sun in the most quantity – hydrogen
  • Which acid is found in digestive juices – hydrochloric acid
  • At what pressure is the excess pressure of steam – constant pressure
  • What is called -273 temperature – absolute zero temperature
  • There is phosphorus in the top of the match – red phosphorus
  • Whom does Bernoulli’s theorem explain – conservation of energy
  • The unit of stress is – Newton / m³
  • Who is Snell’s law related to – refraction of light
  • Whose mixture is producer gas – of Co + N₂
  • Which organ is called Blood Reservation Bank – Pleiha
  • A rocket works – on the principle of linear momentum conservation
  • Turns Reversible Section into Directorate – Rectifier
  • The electrolyte used in the Daniel cell is – H₂SO₄
  • Who is used in electrical decomposition – Faraday’s law
  • What is the electromagnetic unit of the flask – Bever
  • Whose core is made of transformer – soft iron
  • The inventors of friction power were – Thales
  • What wave is a sound – long-wave
  • Which gas is affected by the greenhouse effect – carbon dioxide
  • The annual temperature rise in the atmosphere is called – global warming
  • The smallest unit of a chemical compound is – molecule
  • What is a cold creature – lizard
  • The tube is filled with light – vapor, and argon of mercury
  • What organ affects typhoid – intestine
  • The relative density and refractive index of diamond is 3.51 gm / cm³ and 2.42
  • What is the atomic mass of heavy water – 20
  • Another name for RDX is – cyclonite
  • How many times is the weight of the electron – 1836 times the weight of the electron
  • What type of image is formed on the retina – real and vice versa.
  • The mixture of lead and tin is called – Solder
  • How much liter is in a gallon – 4.54 liters
  • The study of sleep is called – Hypnology


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