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➮ The epic Mahabharata has provided information about the early period of Magadha.
➮ Jarasandh and Brihdrath were the rulers during the period of Mahabharata.
➮ Girivraja was the Magadhan capital during the early period.

BIMBISARA (544-492 B.C.)

➮ Bimbisara established the Haryank dynasty.
➮ Rajgir was the capital of the state.
➮ Bimbisara ascended the throne in 544 B.C.
➮ Bimbisara had three wives, mahakosala, Chellana and Khema.
➮ Mahakosala was the sister of Kosal ruler Prasenjit and Chellana was Lichchhavi Princess.
➮ Bimbisara defeated Anga and annexed it.
➮ Bimbisara was a contemporary of Buddha.
➮ Bimbisara send his physician Jivak to treat Chand Pradyot of Avanti
➮ Bimbisara was prisoned by his son Ajatshatru and died in 493 B.C.

AJATSHATRU (492-460 B.C.)

➮ Ajatshatru sat on Magadha throne in 492 B.C.
➮ Ajatshatru followed an expansionist policy.
➮ After a long struggle, he defeated Kasi and Vajji confederacy.
➮ Ajatshatru took the services of his minister Vassakar to divide the Vajji confederacy.
➮ Ajatshatru got a large stupa constructed in Rajgriha.
➮ Gautama Buddha died during his reign; arranged the first Buddhist council.
➮ Ajatshatru constructed a fort around Rajgriha to protect it from Lichcchavi’s attack.
➮ Ajatshatru was killed by his son Udayin in 461 B.C.
➮ Udayin transferred the Capital to Patliputra.
➮ Udayin was a follower of Jainism.
➮ The last Haryank ruler was Nagdasak.


➮ Nagasaki was killed by his minister Shisunaga.
➮ Shisunaga established the Shisunaga dynasty in 412 B.C.
➮ Shisunaga annexed Avanti to Magadha.
➮ Shisunaga established his capital at Vaishali.
➮ Kalashoka came to the throne in 344 B.C.
➮ Kalashoka again transferred the capital to Pataliputra.
➮ During the reign of Kalashoka second Buddhist council was organized at Vaishali.
➮ Nandivardhan was the last Shisunaga ruler.

NANDA DYNASTY (344-323 B.C.)

➮ Nanda Dynasty was established by Mahapadmananda.
➮ According to Puranas, he was not a Kshatriya.
➮ Mahapadmananda was known as Ekarat and Sarvakshatrantaka.
➮ Mahapadmananda conquered Kalinga.
➮ Last Nanda ruler was Dhanananda.
➮ Dhana Nanda was the contemporary of Alexander.
➮ Alexander attacked India in the reign of Dhanananda (the last ruler)
➮ The Nandas were fabulously rich and enormously powerful.
➮ Nanda Dynasty was destroyed by Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya.
➮ Nandas have been termed as the first empire builders of India.


➮ Magadha enjoyed an advantageous geographical position
➮ Iron deposits were situated close to Rajgir, the earliest capital of Magadha.
➮ Rajgir and Pataliputra were situated at very strategic points.
➮ Pataliputra was surrounded by rivers from all sides it was called as jaladurga (water-fort).
➮ Magadha lay at the center of the middle Gangetic plain.
➮ Magadha for the first time used elephants on a large scale in wars.

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