Rowlatt Act (1919) Indian history pdf

Last updated on April 15, 2022

Rowlatt Act (1919)

➮ The 1919 sedition committee headed by justice Rowlatt led to the Rowlatt Act. whereby wartime restrictions of civil rights were to be made permanent by—
(a) System of Special court
(b) Detention without trial for maximum of 2 years.
(c) Greater police power.
➮ This act authorized the government to imprison any person without trial and conviction of a court of law.
➮ It was the first countrywide agitation by Gandhiji and marked the foundation of the non-cooperation movement.
➮ During March and April 1919, the country witnessed a remarkable political awakening in India.
➮ This Act was criticized as the ‘Black Act.’
➮ This act was called ‘Bina Apeel Bina Daleel Bina Vakil’.

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