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Sayyids Dynasty (1414-1451)

➮ After Firoz Shah Tughlaq, Muhammad Khan, Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq Shah-II, Abu Baqr, Nasiruddin Muhammad, Humayun and finally Nasiruddin Mahmud ascended the throne.
➮ Taimur invaded Delhi in 1398 A.D.
➮ Nasiruddin Mahmud fled to Gujarat.
➮ Nasiruddin Mahmud died in Kaithal.

KHIZR KHAN (1320-1325)

➮ He was the founder of sayyid Dynasty.
➮ He acquired throne at Delhi by replacing its defect ruler Daulat Khan.
➮ As a reward for his service Taimur gave him the governership of Multan, Lahore and Depal.
➮ After departure of Taimur, he declared himself the viceroy of Taimur in North-western India.
➮ Later he invaded Delhi and become its master.

MUBARAK KHAN (1421-1434)

➮ After the death of Khizr Khan his son Mubarak Shah become the ruler of Delhi.
➮ He fell a victim to the conspiracies by the nobles.
➮ He was beheaded by them in February 1434 AD.

MUHAMMAD SHAH (1434-1445)

➮ Muhammad Shah came to throne as he was raised by Sarver-ul- Mulk
➮ He adopted the title of ‘Shah’ and issued the coin of his name.

ALAM SHAH (1434-1445)

➮ He was the last ruler of Sayyid dynasty.
➮ Sayyid dynasty’s 37 years remained troubled with external invasions & internal chaos.

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