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➮ The Suhrawardi order in India was founded by Bahauddin Zakaria of Multan.
➮ The Suharwardi Sufis established themselves mainly in North-West India.
➮ The Chishti mystics believed in the spiritual value of Music.
➮ Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki died in a state of ecstasy under the spell of Music.
➮ Khwaja Fariduddin Masud was known as Baba Farid.
➮ Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya was the Chief disciple of Baba Farid.
➮ Nizamuddin Auliya had problems with Mubarak Khalji and Ghayasuddin Tughlaq.
➮ Shaikh Husamuddin and Shah Barkatullah were prominent Sufis in Gujarat.
➮ Shaikh Abdul Quddus Gangohi was a mystic of the Sabiria order.
➮ Akbar was greatly devoted to Salim Chishti of Fatehpur.
➮ Tansen was the disciple of Mohammad Ghaus.
➮ Dara belonged to the Qadariya order.
Sufi Sect

Sufi Sect Founders
Chisti Khwaza Moin-ud-din
Shurawardi Shiabuddin Shurawardi
Kadari Sheikh Abdul Kadir Jalani
Satari Shah Abdul Satari
Firdoshi Badruddin
Naqshabandi Khwaza Baqi Billah.

➮ Naqshabandi order was introduced in India by Baqi Billah.
➮ Shah Waliullah (1702-1762) was a saint of Naqshabandi order.
➮ Shah Waliullah tried to reconcile the two doctrines of Wahadat-ul Wujud and Wahadat-ul-Shuhud.
➮ Khwaja Mir Dard was the famous Urdu Poet.
➮ Mullah daud Wrote Chhanda in Hindavi.
➮ Shaikh Nasiruddin was known as Chiragh-i-Delhi.

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