Superlatives of the World download pdf here

Last updated on December 7, 2023

Superlatives of the World download pdf here

Continent Smallest—Australia Largest—Asia
Country Largest (in the area)—Russia Largest (in population)—China
Mountain Range Longest—Andes (South America) Highest—Himalayas
Mountain Peak Highest—Mount Everest (Nepal) (8848 m)
Desert Largest Hot Desert—Sahara, Africa Largest Cold Desert—Gobi (Mongolia)
River Longest—Nile (6690 km) Busiest—Rhine (Germany) Largest—Amazon (South America)
Basin Largest—Amazon
Gorge Largest—Grand Canyon, on the Colorado River, USA
Waterfall Highest—Salto Angel Falls (Venezuela)
Delta Largest—Sundarbans, India
Gulf Longest—Gulf of Mexico
Island Largest—Greenland (renamed Kalaallit Nunaat)
Bay Largest—Hudson Bay, Canada
Peninsula Largest—Arabia
Volcano Largest—Mauna Loa (Hawaii Islands), Highest-Ojos del Salado, Andes, Argentine-Chile (6885 m)
Sea (Inland) Largest—Mediterranean
Ocean Deepest and Biggest—The Pacific
Lake Deepest—Baikal (Siberia) Highest—Titicaca (Bolivia) Largest (Fresh Water)—Lake Superior, USA Largest (Artificial)—Lake Kariba (between Zabia and Zimbabwe)
World’s Rainiest Spot Mawsynram (Meghalaya)
Sea Port Largest— Shanghai (China)
Airport Largest—King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia (by area) Highest—Daocheng Yading Airport, Garzi, Tibet (China)
Airliner Largest— Airbus A380
Dam Tallest—Jinping-I Dam (China) Longest—Hirakud Dam (Odisha), India Biggest (Water storage capacity)— Kariba Dam, Zimbabwe Largest (Concrete)—Grand Coulee Dam (USA)
Coral formation Largest—The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
Cruise ships Largest—Royal Caribbean
Canal Longest—Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
Animal Most Intelligent—Chimpanzee Fastest—Cheetah
Archipelago Largest (area)—Malay Archipelago Largest (number)—Norway Archipelago
Asteroid Impact Zone Largest—Australia
Nation with boundary Largest—Canada
Plateau largest—Pamir Plateau (Asia)
Road Highest—Leh-Manali Road (India, NH1-A)
Country Sharing border with others Maximum—China (14)
A country with a population Density Highest—Macau
Bird Largest—Ostrich Largest (Sea)—Albatross Fastest—Needle-tailed swift Smallest—Hummingbird
Mammal Largest—Blue whale Smallest—Bumblebee bat
Park Largest—National Park, Greenland
Railway Longest—Trans-Siberian Railway
Railway Platform Longest—Gorakhpur, India Largest—Grand Central Terminal, New York (USA)
Tunnel Longest and Largest (Canal)—Le Rove Tunnel (South of France) Longest (Railway)—Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland)
Bridge Longest—Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge (Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway)
Building Tallest—Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 m)
Minar (Freestanding) Tallest—Great Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco
Statue Tallest—Statue of unity (Gujarat, India) is the tallest statue of the world
Tower Tallest—Tokyo Sky Free, Tokyo (Japan)
Mosque Largest—Masjid at Haram (Mecca)
Temple Largest—Angkor Vat (Cambodia)
Church Largest—Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City, Rome (Italy)
Museum Biggest—Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
Place Coldest—Verkhoyansk (Siberia), Temperature —85°C Hottest—Al-Aziziyah (Libya, Africa), 136°F Driest—Atacama Desert, Chile (South America)
Stadium Largest—Strahov Stadium in Prague (the Czech Republic)
Wall Longest—Great Wall of China
Capital City Highest—La Paz (Bolivia)
City Highest—Wen Chuan (Tibet, China) Largest (in population)—Tokyo Biggest (in area)—Hulunbuir, China
Day Longest—21st June (in Northern hemisphere) Shortest—22nd December (in Southern hemisphere)
Substance Hardest—Wurtzite boron nitride
Metal Lightest—Lithium Heaviest—Osmium Costliest—Californium 252 ($ 27 million per gram)
Diamond Largest—The Cullinan (over 1.5 lb) Largest (Mine)—Kimberley (South Africa)
Melting Point Highest—Tungsten, 34100°C
Gas Lightest—Hydrogen

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