The Khalji Dynasty (1290-1320)- indian History for Opsc Exam

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The Khalji Dynasty (1290-1320)

Jalaluddin Firoj Shah Khalji (1290-1296) Qutubuddin Mubarak Shah (1316-1320) Khusrau Khan (1320) Alauddin Khalji (1296-1316)


➮ Khalji Dynasty was founded by Jalaluddin Khalji
➮ He began to rule from Kilkhori
➮ He crushed the rebellion of Malik Chajju but later pardoned him.
➮ He repelled the attack of Mongols under Abdullah
➮ one of the most important events of Jalaluddin’s reign was the invasion of Devagiri the capital of the Yadav kingdom in the Deccan by Alauddin Khalji.


➮ Alauddin Khalji’s real name was Aligurshasp.
➮ He was the governor of Kara.
➮ A maximum number of Mongol attacks happened during his reign. He fought and diminished the Mongol menace
➮ He adopted the title of Sikandar- Saini
➮ Amir Khusro was given the title of Tota-i-Hind.
➮ He created the first regular standing army of the Delhi Sultanate.
They were paid in cash
➮ He also captured Malik Kafur and took him to the royal court.
➮ In 1300 AD, he captured Ranthambhor which was under Hammirdev.
➮ In 1303 AD, under Ratan Singh, Chittor was captured.
➮ Alauddin sent Malik Kafur to capture South India.
➮ Malik Kafur attacked Devgiri.
➮ According to Amir Khusro, Malik Kafur reached as far as Rameshwaram.
➮ Malik Kafur was given the title of ‘Malik Naib’
➮ Alauddin Khalji centralized his administration and introduced many reforms
➮ Baird & Munhis were appointed to strengthen the spy system.
➮ Social gathering of nobles and matrimonial alliances among them was prohibited. Wine and gambling also prohibited.
➮ He was the first sultan to collect land revenue was based on measurement and Biswa was the unit of measurement.
➮ He was also the first sultan to fix ‘land revenue in cash’.
➮ Cultivators were brought under direct control of states and middleman were deprived of powers and privileges.
➮ He appointed Diwan-i- Mustakharaj to collect arrears.
➮ ‘Ghari’ (house tax) and ‘Chari’ (Grazing tax) levied.
➮ All patwari accounts were audited.
➮ Prices of goods were fixed on the principle of Bar Award (productions cost).
➮ Land revenue from Khalisa village was paid in cash.
➮ Dagh or branding of horse was introduced.
➮ Khams collected 4/5 th.
➮ He built Alai minar (incomplete) height twice of Qutub Minar) Ali Darwaza, Siri Fort and the second capital Mahal Hazar Satoon (palace of thousand Pillars) and Jamat Khana mosque.
➮ Ali Darwaza was first sultanate building on scientific method.
Arc and dome were used. It is now entrance of Qutub Minar complex.

MUBARAK KHALJI (1290-1296)

➮ After the death of Alauddin, Mubarak Khalji acquired the throne.
➮ He declared himself the Khalifa and took the title “Al Wasiq Billah”.
➮ He was killed and succeeded by Nasiruddin Khusrau Shah.
➮ He was the only Hindu convert to sit in the throne of Delhi

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