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Last updated on December 7, 2023

Wavell Plan (4 June 1945)

➮ This plan was given by Viceroy Wavell.
➮ The plan was that with the exception of the governor-general and the commander-in-chief, all members of the executive council were to be Indians.
➮ Caste Hindus and Muslims were given equal representation in the assembly.
➮ Simla conference was convened in this regard but was rejected by Jinnah.
➮ Governor had veto power.
➮ Foreign matters were given to Indians, but not tribals and border-related areas.
➮ This was proposed by wavell.

Revolt of the Royal Army (1946)

➮ 18 February 1946, Bombay Ratings of HMIS Talwar struck work due to flagrant racial discrimination unpalatable food and abuse by superior officers. After the arrest of B. C. Dutt who has scrawled ‘quit India’ on the ship mutinied.
➮ Their demands included the release of all political prisoners, including those belonging to the Indian National Army.
➮ After the government’s assurance, they surrendered.

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