Vijay Nagar Empire (1336-1650 AD)- Indian history

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➮ Vijay Nagar was founded by Harihar & Bukka in 1336.
➮ They had earlier served under the kaktiya ruler of Warangal Pratprudra II.
➮ Harihar nad Bukka were the son of Sangama.
➮ They were brought to the center by Mohammad Bin Tughlaq converted to Islam and were sent to the south again to control the rebellion, but in the instance of Vidyaranya, they established the Vijaynagar kingdom in 1336 AD.
➮ Vidyaranya was the carer of them.
➮ Vijaynagar was located on the bank of Tungabhadra.
➮ There were four dynasties in the Vijaynagar empire.
➮ 1 – Sangam dynasty 2 – Saluva dynasty 3 – Tuluva dynasty 4 – Aravidu dynasty


➮ Harihar was the first ruler.
➮ Vidyaranya was his Guru.
➮ Bukka-I fought with the Bahmani Sultan Muhammad Shah I and signed a treaty with him.
➮ Devraya I constructed a dam across the river Tungabhadra to solve the problem of shortage of water.
➮ Italian traveler Nicolo Conti visited his region.
➮ His court was adorned by the gifts of Telgu Poet Srinatha.
➮ Srinatha was the author of Haravilasam.
➮ He had to face an invasion by the Bahmani ruler Firoz Shah and he had to surrender the fort of Bankapur.
➮ Devraya II was the greatest Sangama ruler.
➮ He was called Immadidevaraya and Proudha Devaraya.
➮ The inscriptions call him Gajabetekara (the elephant hunter)
➮ He wrote two Sanskrit works –(i) Mahanatak Sudhanidhi (ii) Commentary on the Brahma sutras of Badanarayan.
➮ Persian ambassador Abdul Razzaq visited his court.
➮ The Sangam dynasty was replaced by saluva dynasty.

SULUVA DYNASTY (1485-1505)

➮ Saluva dynasty lasted for two decades.
➮ Saluva Narsingh was the founder of Saluva dynasty.
➮ The saluvas were closely pinked to the Sangamas Viamarreage
➮ Saluva Mangu served Kumara kampana in his campaigns against the sultan of Madura and was awarded the title Saluva.

TULUVA DYNASTY (1505-1570)

➮ Vir Narasimha: was the founder of the Tuluva dynasty.


➮ The real power lay in the hands of his minister Rana Raya.
➮ The Deccani Sultans except Berar joined hands to defeat Vijayanagar in the famous battle of Talikota or Rakshsa Tangadi in 1556.
➮ The Vijaynagar government now shifted to Penukonda and later to Chanregiri, which was made the capital by venkat II of the Aravidu dynasty.


➮ This dynasty was founded by Rama Raya’s brother, Thirumala.
➮ Thirumala deposed Sadashiva Raya from the throne.
➮ Thirumala’s son Ranga II expanded the empire.
➮ Venkat II succeeded his father Thirumala in 1586.
➮ His head office was Chandragiri. He died in 1614 AD.
➮ He was the last great ruler of Vijaynagar.
➮ Rang III become ruler after Venkat II and after that Vijaynagar empire ended.


Country Ruler Time
1. Nicoli Conti Italy Devraya I 1420 AD.
2. Abdur Razzak Persian Devraya II 1434 AD.
3. Fernoa Nuniz Portugal Mallikarjun 1450 AD.
4. Domingos Peas Portugal Krishnadev Raya 1515 AD.
5. Barbosa Portugal Krishnadev Raya 1516 AD.
6. Nikitin Russian Devraya I 1515 AD.


  1. Mandal — State
    2. Kottam or Valnadu — District
    3. Nadu — Tahsil
    4. Melagram — 50 Villages
    5. Kar — Village

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