Decline of Mughal Empire -Indian History

Last updated on December 7, 2023

List of Later Mughals
1. Bahadur Shah I (1707-1712)
➮ He was known as Shah -i- Bekhabar
➮ He pursued Pacifist Policy that is why he called so.
2. Jahandar Shah (1712-1713)
➮ Ascended the throne with the aid of Zulfikar Khan
➮ First pupet Mughal emperor.
➮ He abolished Jazia.
3. Farrukh Siyar (1713-1719)
➮ He had succeeded to the throne with the help of Sayyid brothers, Abdullah Khan and Hussain Ali.
➮ In 1719 Sayyid brothers killed him with the help of Maratha Peshwa, Balaji Vishwanath.
4. Mohammad Shah (1719-48)
➮ He was the most pleasure loving ruler of loose morals and therefore, called Mohammad Shah ‘Rangila’.
➮ Nadir Shah defeated him in the Battle of Karnal (1739) and took away peacock throne and the kohinoor diomand.
5. Ahmad Shah (1748-54)
➮ During Ahmad Shah’s reign, Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India twice in 1749 and 1752 when he marched up to Delhi.
6. Alamgir II (1754-59)
➮ After the dethronement of Ahmad Shah, Azizuddin a grandson of Jahandar Shah was placed on the throne as Alamgir II.
7. Shah Alam II (1759-1806)
➮ Battle of Buxar (1764) held during his reign.
8. Akbar II (1806-37)
➮ Gave the title of Raja to Ram Mohan Roy.
9. Bahadur Shah II (1837 – 57)
➮ During the revolt of 1857, he was proclaimed the emperor by the rebels.


Post Department Sadra Religious interest
Dewan Finance Darogaadak
Mirbakshi Civil Services on Military line Mir Bahar Admiral
Khansama Management of Royal farry Mir Barr Forest
Kaji Judiciary department Mir Tajak Festival

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